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Udyog Bhavan, Sector 17, Chandigarh

If god lies in details, then this building is truly holy. Flawless execution of the building with exposed concrete even in the building interiors makes it a masterpiece in its own right. The whole building interiors were finished with exposed concrete sans any plaster and the building still stands in the testimony of careful craftsmanship.

Rouza Sharif, Imam Rabani, Punjab

An ultra modern resting house and guest facilities at Rouza Sharif, Fateh Garh Sahib are being built as part of the 400 year old monument complex of Imam Rabani. The building has been designed keeping in line with heritage of the complex as well as to equip it with aesthetic features and serene spaces.

Jainendra Gurukul School, Panchkula

The Jainendra Gurukul school building was a 100 year building which needed renovation and addition of classrooms. The project was challenging where our meticulous approach resulted in addition of structures without impeding on the facade of the building. Project included creating a world class auditorium, equipping the classrooms with modern facilities, and expansion of rooms with minimal disturbance to existing operations.

Mahatma Gandhi State Institute of Public Administration, Chandigarh

True to the aura of the first planned city of independent India, this landmark building's challenging designs envisioned carrying on the legacy of the city Chandigarh. The innovative roof design, akin to a bird's flight, was a painstakingly challenging work to execute. Keeping within the client's timelines the structural elements were adjusted to maintain the vision of the building at the same time make it more safer.

Sadhna Kendra, Panchkula

The Sadhna Kendra at Jainendra Gurukul is a tastefully executed work of art. Low height structures with meditation halls and monk huts give a sense of serenity. The cascading landscape, in the backdrop of the Shivalik hills, was designed and executed with a detail centric approach maintaining the tranquility giving a very peaceful place for Sadhus to meditate.

Geological Survey Of India Building

Administrative Block and laboratories 10 storeys high Glass mosaic tiles and shoan tiles for external facade

IISER Transit Campus, Mohali

The transit campus for the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Mohali, was created in Sector 26 Chandigarh in a record time. The earlier building plans were readjusted to make way for classrooms and laboratories for the use of the students.