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Turnkey Projects

Execution of building works for institutional, residential, commercial and industrial projects. Our team is fully adept to handle large scale construction projects and ensure quality delivery within target timelines. Extent of works can include building a structure from g....
Project Management
Hassle free execution of large construction projects is what we deliver to our clients. The services offered help the client throughout the project cycle making sure that they can trust us to get world class delivery from all the vendors. Services offered are:

Desk Services....

Engineering Consultancy
We also offer advisory services on technical and non-technical matters related to the management of large scale projects.

Engineering Consulting

We help our clients in mitigation of technical difficulties in conception, and during projects. We have worked with the experts of the civil eng....
We advise clients on disputes and prepare detailed case documents for arbitration hearings. We also provide professional services in matters of where technical expertise is required to mitigate a problem or a dispute. We are duly recognized by the Indian Council of Arbitration and also have multi....